Hosting a

Diaper Drive

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Email Healthy Bottoms will assist and provide materials for the diaper drive. 

Determine the logistics of your Diaper Drive

Host a diaper drive at your place of employment, school, church, or as a girls night out event.  You can even host a virtual diaper drive from the comfort of your couch simply by creating a social media event, providing guests with Healthy Bottoms' Amazon wishlist and/or paypal or GoFundMe donation sites. 

Diaper drives can be done in lieu of events, such as birthdays, weddings, or showers. Or in memory of a loved one.


How about forgoing the traditional baby shower and instead hosting a 'Dads for Diapers' event?  


You can host a drive for one day, a week or even longer.  

Contact us and we will provide tools and resources for you to succeed!

Set a Donation Goal

Can you collect 1,000, 5,000, or more? Let us know how many you think you can collect. No goal is to small!

Promote Your Diaper Drive

Spread the word about your event. We're happy to provide email templates or assist in setting up a social media event. 

Collect Donations and/or Funds

Collect all donations once your event has concluded. Healthy Bottoms will even arrange for pickup of the donated items. 

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